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An Immersive Art Therapy Experience

VR Headset

Traumatic Brain Injury

The Department of Defense recently reported over 463,000 TBIs among U.S. service members worldwide between 2000 and late 2022. -DoD

An estimated 2.8 million people sustained a TBI in 2013 - CDC

Veterans with moderate to severe TBI accounted for 33.6% of total excess deaths - VA


Reflect XR is a Patient-Centered Solution


Our virtual reality system allows for remote therapeutic treatment to help process complex emotions.


Our human-centric approach brings together caregivers and support networks to improve patient outcomes.


Patients cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness, under the guidance of skilled therapists.

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Art Therapy in Virtual Reality

Reflect XR facilitates a dialogue between the patient, therapist, and caregiver around self-portraits of the patients before & after injury to improve self-awareness and future therapeutic outcomes.

“[This was the] best therapy method I have ever received. Everyone needs art therapy.”

A Creative Space for Healing

Art therapy not only helped service members “process, visually express and verbalize aspects of their symptoms” that could not be addressed by other treatments, but it helped them deal with “psychosocial challenges of frustration tolerance, grief and loss, emotion regulation, personal insight, resiliency, and trauma processing.”

Military Psychology Vol 33, 2021

“[This was the] single most significant factor in what I believe to be life-saving therapy…Drastically changed my life.”

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