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Reflect XR

Immersive Art Therapy

Reflect XR brings Art Therapy to Virtual Reality, creating a dialogue between the patient, therapist, and caregiver. Patients reflect on their self-identity before and after traumatic brain injury through personal portraits, improving self-awareness and future therapeutic outcomes.


Transformative Healing

Art therapy, art and psychotherapy, is backed by peer-reviewed research. This creative approach has proven to bring positive therapeutic outcomes for individuals facing developmental, medical, educational, social, or psychological challenges. Art therapy taps into personal expression, allowing the release of emotions tied to past traumas, heightened self-awareness, and reduction of psychological symptoms.

The use of art therapy for promoting emotional expression, well-being, and resilience has been well documented.

Patient-Centered Design

Unlocking the Potential for Art Teletherapy

Therapists now have a standardized creative platform to transform sessions in a secure virtual environment for their patients.


A virtual reality (VR) platform offers patients pre-loaded VR headsets with standardized art materials through an art therapist. Headsets are provided directly to the patient, no additional supply and shipping costs.


We've revolutionized patient care, providing an accessible and immersive environment. Our Human-centered solution brings together caregivers and support networks to improve patient outcomes.


Patients cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness, under the guidance of skilled art therapists. Art therapy is engaging, utilizing the brain's visual, emotional, and behavioral centers, paving the way to positive change.

Meet the Team


Annaliese Schultz, MA

Art Therapy Consultant


Anju Bhargava, PhD

Digital Health Psychologist


Nick Roseth

VR Strategist


How Does Reflect XR Work?

Reflect XR is the application of Art Therapy in Virtual Reality. This form of therapy facilitates a dialogue between the patient, therapist, and caregiver around self-portraits of the patients before & after injury to improve self-awareness and improve future therapeutic outcomes.

Is Reflect XR based on clinical studies?

Yes, multiple studies including this one have been conducted on the efficacy of Art Therapy as treatment for TBI as well as multiple studies on the use of VR as a treatment setting.

Does the patient need experience with VR?

No, a pre-session discussion and tutorial help onboard patients and caregivers into VR.

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