Persistent Technology
Building Human-Centered Solutions

Working for a Better World

At Persistent Technology, Inc. (PTI), we harness cutting-edge and innovative solutions in healthcare to enhance patient care outcomes, driven to transform the healthcare landscape by creating human-centered solutions for patients and caregivers. Explore our services and how we can empower your organization to excel in modern healthcare.

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Digital Transformation
Unlocking the Future of Healthcare

In the age of rapid technological advancement, digital transformation is the cornerstone of progress, and PTI is your strategic partner in embracing this evolution. Our solutions go beyond the ordinary, enabling healthcare organizations to adapt and thrive. We're here to impress, connect, build trust, and ensure your success. With PTI, experience an agile, efficient, and patient-centric healthcare ecosystem.

Emerging Technology
Pioneering Innovation in Healthcare

Emerging technologies hold the key to unlocking unprecedented possibilities in healthcare. PTI is at the forefront of this revolution, leveraging innovations such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Virtual Reality (VR), and more. Our solutions are designed to improve efficiency and patient care, connecting your organization with the future of healthcare. Explore our latest innovation, Reflect XR, an immersive VR art therapy experience.

Data Quality
Elevating Data, Elevating Care

Quality data is an essential part of modern healthcare. PTI's expertise in data quality ensures that your organization's data is reliable, accurate, and actionable. Trust us to help you harness the full potential of your data to make informed decisions and drive better patient outcomes.


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Healthcare Technology

At PTI, we are not just a practical voice but your dedicated partner in healthcare innovation. We build transformative, human-centric healthcare technology solutions that impress, connect, instill trust, and ultimately lead to your success. Join us on this journey to reshape healthcare for the better.

Our Healthcare IT Services encompass a broad spectrum of essential components:

IT Modernization

PTI specializes in modernizing healthcare IT systems, ensuring future-proof, efficient, and secure solutions in today's dynamic healthcare environment. Your success is our priority.


In healthcare, seamless communication between systems is crucial for success. PTI fosters interoperability, connecting systems to facilitate data exchange and collaboration for improved patient care.

Software QA

Software must meet the highest standards in the healthcare industry. PTI's Software Quality Assurance ensures that your healthcare solutions are reliable secure and deliver optimal performance.

Custom Solutions

Reflect XR
Immersive VR Art Therapy

Reflect XR is a Patient-Centered Immersive Art Therapy Platform based on clinical studies of Art Therapy as a proven modality in treating patients with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

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IT Asset & Service Management

Elevate your organization's efficiency and service quality with ServiceNow IT Asset & Service Management. This transformative platform modernizes asset and service management processes by seamlessly integrating industry best practices, including ITIL and ISO standards. Say goodbye to technical risks while enhancing customer experiences.

Data Infrastructure
with Databricks Certification

PTI provides a holistic 360° patient view, unifying structured and unstructured data to enhance data quality and accuracy. Our processing solutions can empower various applications, from hospital bed management to pharmaceutical optimization, ensuring consistency, relevance, and timeliness. With AI/ML-powered insights, we enhance understanding and predictive healthcare capabilities, delivering high-quality data.

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Standards & COTS Integration Platform

Our enterprise platform driving clinical data sharing among the VA, federal agencies, and programs. Supporting 190K users, exchanging 100M clinic records annually, and ensuring reliability for 25K medical professionals, SCIP sets the standard for seamless data integration and healthcare excellence.


Supply Chain Management

Agile API development & Gateway management enable secure communication and integration between VA healthcare systems, fostering interoperability and at HL7 standards.

Veterans Integration & Federation Enterprise Platform

We deliver high-performance EHRM and VistA data access with our Agile API development and API gateway management. We prioritize interoperability, resolving device format and interface challenges, and ensuring standards, governance, and data integration for COTS and non-COTS solutions.


Digital Transformation Support Services

PTI pioneers IT modernization for Customs & Border Patrol systems using cutting-edge technologies. Our Agile development and IT modernization drives application development and automated testing, ensuring efficiency and security at the border.

Defense Medical Logistic Standard Support

We provide reliable support for DMLSS and LogiCole systems, ensuring seamless logistics for DoD and VA Medical. Our solutions support agile, global operations, integrated financials, EHR, and cybersecurity.