4 Advantages of Working for a Small Business

4 Advantages of Working for a Small Business 800 532 Persistent Technology Inc.

Did you know that small businesses pay 44% of U.S. Payroll? That’s a lot of small businesses! 

Although there are a lot of factors that go into making a business considered “small,” we usually think of it as a privately owned business with a small number of employees. 

Small businesses are perceived as agile, nimble, and often don’t have a lot of red tape that gets in the way of delivering a product or service. This allows the business to address a customer need very quickly, whereas at big companies there can be a lot of delays.

Persistent Technology, Inc. (PTI) is proud to be a SDVOSB (service-disabled veteran-owned small business) and our identity closely aligns with the advantages of a small business.

PTI works hard to solve customer issues quickly and efficiently to ensure success and profitability. But the advantages of a small business don’t just benefit the customers – it benefits the employees as well. Here are 4 advantages to working for a small business:

1. Everyone Can Work Remotely

PTI has been a fully remote company since its inception in 2018, but has become especially helpful during the COVID-19 crisis. Employees can work from anywhere in the US and are given flexible work hours, which encourages a healthy work/life balance.  Working remotely also allows for a more efficient working environment since there’s no need to commute and there are less distractions. This is often easier at a small business.

2. There’s Not a Lot of Red Tape

We know you’ve heard of the phrase “too many cooks in the kitchen.” When there are too many investors or owners or stake holders, there can be too many people trying to control the work, which inevitably results in lower quality of the final product. With small businesses, there are less people trying to stir the pot, which allows for a quicker, more efficient, and high quality end result.

3. Meetings Are Kept to a Minimum

Because there are less people to communicate news with, small businesses are able to keep the amount of meetings to a minimum. This encourages more productivity and the autonomy to come up with creative solutions. It also allows for greater focus and more time for work to be delivered. Plus, we all know some of those meetings could’ve been e-mails. 

4. They’re Able to Hire Highly Competent Employees

Because of all the reasons above, small businesses can easily hire more competent employees. Working as a fully-remote team minimizes overhead costs which can be funneled into competitive wages. Small businesses are a great opportunity for highly competent workers to have great ownership over their work and make a big difference.

If you would like to join the PTI team, take a look at our careers page for any current openings. And if you’re a customer looking to work with PTI, please contact us here.